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Why a 10x16 Shed is a Popular Size For Your Backyard

A 10x16 shed is a popular size for a backyard shed, and it can provide a lot of storage space for your tools, equipment, and other items.

Kyle Roberts


The Pros and Cons of Board and Batten Sheds

If you’re considering purchasing a shed, you’ve most likely seen a shed with board and batten siding. Here are the pros and cons of the shed’s siding. Team


Why You Should Use a Portable Shed for Your Hunting Camp

While you’re on the search for your new hunting camp, why not check out pre-built portable sheds? Team


Shed Studio: How To Create the Perfect Space To Make Art

Being creative often requires a personal space where you can think clearly and creatively. Here’s how to create a perfect art studio out of a shed. Team


The Different Types of Multipurpose Storage Sheds

Did you know there are various types of multipurpose sheds? Here are seven different sheds you can use to keep your home and garage clutter-free! Team


Turning a Shed Into a Woodworking Shop: Getting Started

Do you have a shed but need space for a workshop area? You’re in the right place! Keep reading to know how to turn your shed into a woodworking shop. Team


7 Helpful Foundation Tips for Beginners

The foundation is a vital part of any structure. Our seven helpful tips for beginners will teach you what you need to know about your shed’s foundation. Team


How to Build Your Tiny Home on a Budget

If you're thinking about building your own tiny home, you might be wondering how to do it on a budget. The good news is that it is possible!

Kyle Summers


Reasons You Should Buy a Shed Directly From a Builder

There are several considerations when it comes to buying a shed. However, your best option is to purchase a shed directly from the builder. Team


Why are Tiny Homes So Big Right now?

Tiny Homes never really went away. They have been here the whole time! And with personal finances tightening, they bigger than ever! Team