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Backyard Shed Bike Storage

Backyard Shed Bike Storage

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Every Christmas Santa delivers thousands of brand new bicycles to people of all ages but Santa doesn’t stick around to help solve the problem of where to put them. Luckily, a YouTube channel named “The Shred Shed” made a video compiling a few handy solutions showing you how to use your backyard shed for bike storage. 

DIY Bike Storage Options

In the video, The Shred Shed shows the viewers 5 do it yourself options to store bikes in your garage or shed. All 5 are easy to build with basic DIY skills and are quite affordable compared to off the shelf options.

Backyard shed bike storage

See more in the video below:


Such great ideas!

As you can see, storing bikes in your shed is easier than most people think and they don’t have to take up too much space so the shed can still be used to store regular items like lawn mowers, yard tool, and more.

Backyard shed bike storage

Shop For Sheds Online

If you’re in need of a shed to store your bikes, shop sheds for sale in your local area using shedsforsale.com

To begin, just enter your zip code, then sort, filter, and if you wish you can contact the seller directly. Happy shed shopping and Merry Christmas!


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