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Using SFS™ for Sellers

Setting up ShedsForSale.com™ as a Dealer or Manufacturer couldn’t be any easier. Register a free account as a standalone user with a username and password unique to ShedsForSale.com™, or use your current Google, Amazon or Facebook to establish your account. Once you have logged in, enter company details such as your logo, your associated Manufacturer and or Dealer contact details. Once your account is ready to go, you’ll be able to start entering your shed inventory to showcase to sheds buyers locally and throughout your sales territory.

Get started in 5 easy steps.

Dealer Signup

Manufacturer Setup

Create Inventory Listings

Sponsor Listings & Ad Placement

Enjoy a Simplified Approach to Shed Sales

Step 1: Dealer Signup

Register a free account as a dealer with ShedsForSale.com™. It’s simple, easy and takes only minutes to get started. Create a standalone account with a username and password unique to ShedsForSale.com™, or use your Google, Amazon Facebook account credentials to log in. Ad your Manufacturer or Dealer contact info and details and you’re ready to go.

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Step 2: Manufacturer Setup

If you are a Manufacturer, set up your account as described in Step 1 (which is the same for Dealers), and upon logging in you’ll see directions in your dashboard on how to be converted to a “Manufacturer”. This will unlock additional features and functionality only available as a Manufacturer such as logo customization and dealer network access. Some of these features such as SFS Insite are in development, and will be available at a later time.

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Step 3: Create Inventory Listings

Connect your current inventory of sheds for sale with customers searching for sheds in your area. Enter shed details such as description, colors, size, specs, pictures, prices and much more!

Step 4: Sponsor Listings & Ad Placement

Want to stand apart from your competition? We are currently in development of a Sponsored Listings and Ad Placement mechanism for Dealers and or Manufacturers interested in increased visibility. This upgrade will be available to SFS Essentials, SFS Pro and SFS Elite membership levels. Your listing for premium placement on search results for increased visibility or place ads for specials, offers or discounts!

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Step 5: Enjoy a Simplified Approach to Shed Sales

ShedsForSale.com™ has been developed to handle immense crossover traffic as the internet’s best place to search, compare and buy sheds online. Keep your inventory up-to-date, and customers will come to you! And remember, it’s fairly difficult to search for a shed for sale online without using the phrase “sheds for sale”.

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Features & Advantages

ShedsForSale.com™ is the first comprehensive online platform that allows buyers and sellers of sheds, gazebos, tiny homes, and animal structures online. For shed Dealers and Manufacturers wanting to increase their footprint well beyond physical lot lines for better visibility, ShedsForSale.com™ is the perfect tool. Read about our unique features and advantages.


ShedsForSale.com’s membership plan comes with available upgrades aimed to increase sales. Start with our free membership plan or build your own with available upgrades. Use our pricing chart to decide what’s right for your operation!

Showcase your entire
inventory online.

Our API works with Shed Management Applications like Customer Aligned Logistics, The Shed App, and MyShed.io to easily show your entire inventory online at ShedsForSale.com™. Change a price in your app? It’s automatically updated online. Sell a shed? It’s marked as sold online.
Dealer screenshot showing storage sheds on sheds for sale

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