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Using SFS™ for Buyers™ is free to use by anyone, anywhere. Sheds are big and quite expensive to move around. As a result, most Shed Dealers and Manufacturers have a set delivery range. Typically, this is around 50-100 miles but varies from company to company. While you’ll likely find each has a free delivery range, oftentimes they are willing to deliver further based on cost per mile. In the end, you’ll certainly want to take this into consideration. As our inventory increases, more options will be available to you where you live! We have done our best to cover as much area as possible to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. But this is a huge undertaking! With nearly 10,000 Dealers and Manufacturers of Sheds in the United States, it’s difficult to reach them all. But in time, it is our hope more and more will join™ thus greatly improving search results and visibility.™ searches are centered around distance to you based on your estimated zip code. We have done this to ensure your shopping experience is limited to Sheds and Buildings likely within a given Dealer or Manufacturers delivery range. Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Refine your search by changing search distance from your zip code.

Using SFS™ for Sellers

Setting up™ as a Dealer or Manufacturer couldn’t be any easier. Register a free account as a standalone user with a username and password unique to™, or use your current Google, Amazon or Facebook to establish your account. Once you have logged in, enter company details such as your logo, your associated Manufacturer and or Dealer contact details. Once your account is ready to go, you’ll be able to start entering your shed inventory to showcase to sheds buyers locally and throughout your sales territory.

Register a free account as a dealer with™. It's simple, easy and takes only minutes to get started. Create a standalone account with a username and password unique to™, or use your Google, Amazon Facebook account credentials to log in. Ad your Manufacturer or Dealer contact info and details and you're ready to go. makes buying a shed easy

Search™ for the perfect shed solution to fit your needs.
Finance or Pay for your new shed by using our safe and secure payment processing system (coming soon).
Your new shed will now be pulled from inventory and prepared for shipping or pick-up.
Shed Haulers
Trusted and verified Shed Haulers deliver your new shed directly to your home or business.
Using our specialized tools and machines your shed is carefully placed exaclty where you want it to go.
That’s it! You’re now a proud owner of a portable shed. Welcome to the community!

Save time and money.

Buying a quality shed is an investment. It can also be a time-consuming process involving hours online, on the phone or driving to look at buildings from local builders. On™, find the exact shed or building you are looking for by comparing prices, sizes, colors, features and more! Let your favorite web browser do the searching for you. From barns to garden sheds for sale, our site is your one-stop shop.

Bringing buyers and sellers together.

There are websites for everything, from auto traders, horse-shaped gift shops, and vegan recipes to even a website for high voltage weapons. But odd as it might seem, shed buyers and shed sellers have never had an online home of their own. So we built it! Sell sheds and/or find exactly what you are looking for in one place. Browse sheds for sale at—you guessed it—™. Serving all these locations.