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10 Useful Organization Ideas for Your Garden Shed

Black garden shed in Tennessee by Blacks's Buildings

Image provided by: Blacks Buildings

10 Useful Organization Ideas for Your Garden Shed

Author: ShedsForSale.com Team
Posted: 05/18/2022

Whether you’ve installed a brand-new shed or are giving your existing shed an overhaul, you’ll want to organize it in a space-efficient manner. It’s easy for a garden shed to become a dumping ground for items you don’t use often.

Avoid tripping over garden tools and burying your lawnmower in clutter by having an organizational plan of attack. Sketch out where you want your gardening implements to go, and install storage solutions that make those tools easy to access.

Most importantly, keep that shed maintained! Designate a space for each of your tools, and put them back in that space when you finish using them. These useful organization ideas for your garden shed will help you create an efficient system that’s easy to use.

Tools on pegboard for shed storage

Install Adjustable Shelves

Regular shelves and bookcases have their use; they’re great for storing items that are relatively uniform in size. However, your garden shed probably has a lot of odds and ends of various sizes.

Sort your supplies by their size and use, and group like items together. Adjustable shelves will allow you to store oddly-shaped items without wasting valuable wall space. Line up paint cans along one shelf, and organize seed packets on another.

Use Plastic Tubs

Perhaps you’ve seen craft rooms or playrooms that use this organization method: clearly labeled plastic tubs, all lined up on shelves along the wall. Each tub has a purpose that’s easy to see at a glance.

Store smaller garden tools like trowels and mini rakes in plastic tubs; you can even color-code them if you like. Line them up on a shelf with the labels facing outward for easy reading. Maintain this organizational system after you’ve created it, too. When you’re done using a tool, always put it back in its designated tub.

Hang Up Your Tools

Where do you normally store your shovels and rakes? Leaned up against the wall? That’s inevitably a recipe for a mess.

When you browse prebuilt sheds for sale online, look at the walls. Will you be able to mount tracks and tool hangers easily? Go for an option that’s easy to customize to take advantage of wall space as much as possible.

Store Like With Like

You’ll use your shed space more efficiently if you group items of the same category together. Rakes, shovels, and other long-handled implements don’t take up too much space if you hang them up alongside one another. Use hooks or tracks to hang them flat along the wall.

Put smaller items in their own storage (perhaps in tubs) and dedicate a corner or two as being exclusively for large items like lawnmowers.

Keep Clutter Out

Even the best organizational efforts won’t do much good if you walk away and let things pile up again. Every few months, go in and identify what you use—and what you don’t.

If you love to shop at home and garden stores, keep a list on hand of the tools and supplies you already have. Avoid buying duplicates just because they were on sale! If it helps, take photos of the inside of your shed once you’ve cleaned and organized it. When you’re out shopping and aren’t sure if you have a certain item, you can refer to your photos.

Prioritize Safety

What shouldn’t you store in a garden shed?

Obviously, store money and valuables somewhere more secure. It’s also wise to keep flammable substances out of your shed, store rubber tires in a climate-controlled environment (not in your shed), and avoid leaving food in there! Leaving food in your shed for too long will attract mold, insect infestations, and even adventurous wildlife.

Consider External Storage

If your shed simply isn’t big enough to hold all your garden implements, think about storing a few of them outside for easy access. That way, they’ll be conveniently within reach when you’re gardening, and you’ll have more room inside for the bigger items.

Install a track along the outside to hang shovels and watering cans, and put up a handy cabinet for smaller things like seeds and trowels. Use all the space your shed has to offer—including the outside, too.

Hang a Pegboard

Pegboards are common in carpentry workshops because they’re so customizable—you can put in pegs and hooks wherever you need them, and they’re easy to remove.

If you have lots of small, oddly-shaped tools that you want to be able to see at a glance, put up a pegboard inside your shed. If you hang your pruning shears in the same location every time, you won’t have to waste time searching through all your tools to find them.

Recycle Old Jars

To keep your garden shed safe for use, make sure that the floor is clear of any stray nails or screws. Sweep up all those little metal bits and store them safely! Wash and set aside empty jars from jams, salsas, and pasta sauces—and make sure to keep the lids.

Sort through your nails and screws, then store items of the same shape and size together in glassware. Designate a shelf for your jar storage, and label each one with the nail or screw size.

Use Door Space

When you measure the amount of usable space in your shed, you already know to include the surface area of the walls—but don’t forget about the door! It’s a perfect spot to sneak in some more hanging storage.

Because the door is the first thing you touch in your shed, it’s a perfect area to store the items you use most often. Think about the basics: your trowel, gardening gloves, watering can, and other smaller things. Put a hanging organizer on your door, along with a couple of hooks if you’re so inclined, and store your most-used tools there.

When you organize your garden shed, think strategically. Which items do you use most often? What are your favorite outdoor hobbies? Some sheds are more likely to have screws strewn about the floor, while others may experience a clutter of shovels and rakes.

No matter how much space you’ve got in your shed, use every square inch wisely. Remember these useful organization ideas for your garden shed the next time you spend a day in your beloved garden.

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