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How to Keep Wasps and Other Harmful Insects Out of Your Shed

How to Keep Wasps and Other Harmful Insects Out of Your Shed

Author: Megan Summers
Posted: 3/1/2023

Keeping wasps and other harmful insects out of your shed is essential for both your safety and the preservation of the items stored inside. Here are some effective steps you can take to prevent these pests from entering your shed:


  1. Seal All Entry Points: Inspect the shed for any cracks, holes or gaps in the walls, doors, windows and roof. You can seal these openings using caulk. You can also install weatherstripping around the doors and windows to create a tight seal when they are closed.
  2. Keep Doors and Windows Closed: Make sure doors and windows are kept closed when not in use. Consider installing self-closing mechanisms on your shed doors.
  3. Inspect and Maintain the Shed: Regularly check for any structural damage that may create openings for insects to enter. Repair any damage promptly.
  4. Keep it Clean: Insects are attracted to food, so avoid storing food items in your shed. Ensure that all garden tools and equipment are cleaned before storage to remove any traces of sap, pollen or other attractive substances.
  5. Remove Nests and Hives: If you notice wasp nests, hornet nests or bee hives near your shed, take steps to remove them safely. You may need a professional pest control assistance for this.
  6. Use Insect Repellents: Consider hanging insect repellant devices, such as wasp traps or sticky fly paper, inside the shed to catch and deter insects.
  7. Store Firewood Away from the Shed: If you store firewood near your shed, insects may use it as a nesting site. Keep firewood piles well away from your shed.
  8. Use Natural Deterrents: Planting insect-repelling herbs and flowers around your shed such as mint, basil or marigolds, can help deter insects.
  9. Clean Regularly: Regularly clean the interior of the shed to remove any spider webs, egg sacs or other potential insect habitats.
  10.  Consider Chemical Repellents: As a lsat resort, you can use insecticide sprays or dusts around the perimeter of your shed. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use them sparingly, as these chemicals may have adverse effects on the environment.


Remember that prevention is the best approach to keeping harmful insects out of your shed. Regular maintenance and vigilance can go a long way in ensuring that your shed remains insect-free.


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