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Rent-to-Own Sheds: A Practical Guide to Owning Your Dream Shed

White garden shed with dormer and shutters, monthly payments available with rent to own

Rent-to-Own Sheds: A Practical Guide to Owning Your Dream Shed

Author: Kyle Summers
Posted: 8/21/2023

When it comes to acquiring a new shed for your property, the traditional route of upfront
purchasing may not always be feasible for everyone. Fortunately, there’s an alternative
that provides flexibility and convenience: Rent-to-Own (RTO) sheds. This financing
option allows individuals to rent a shed with the option to eventually purchase it. In this
blog, we’ll delve into how typically rent-to-own works when buying a shed, and explore
its benefits and considerations for potential buyers.

Rent To Own Tan shed with red door and dormer

Understanding Rent-to-Own (RTO)

Rent-to-Own, often abbreviated as RTO, is a financial arrangement that allows buyers
to rent a product or property, in this case, a shed, for a specific period before having the
option to buy it outright. The primary appeal of RTO sheds is that they provide
customers with the opportunity to start using the shed immediately, even if they may not
have enough funds available for an upfront purchase.

Shed and barn sales lot with rent to own monthly payment options

The Process of Rent-to-Own Sheds

Selecting the Shed: The first step in the RTO process is to choose the shed that
best fits your needs and preferences. Many reputable shed dealers offer RTO
options, providing a range of styles, sizes, and features to suit various
Agreeing on Terms: Once you have selected your desired shed, you will enter
into an agreement with the shed dealer and RTO company, outlining the rental
period, monthly payment amount, and the eventual purchase price of the shed.
The rental period typically spans between 24 to 60 months.
Initial Down Payment: Before the shed can be delivered, you will need to make
an initial down payment. The amount can vary depending on the shed’s cost and
the dealer’s policies. In some cases, the down payment may also include
additional fees, such as delivery and setup charges.
Monthly Payments: Throughout the rental period, you will be required to make
regular monthly payments. A portion of these payments contribute towards the overall
purchase price of the shed. It’s important to adhere to the agreed-upon payment
schedule to avoid any penalties or disruptions to the RTO agreement.

Exercising the Purchase Option: At any point during the rental period, you
have the option to purchase the shed outright by paying the remaining balance
on the agreed-upon purchase price. This option is ideal for individuals who have
improved their financial situation and wish to become the shed’s rightful owner
before the end of the RTO term.
Return or Renewal: If, for any reason, you decide not to purchase the shed or
encounter difficulties in making payments, you can choose to return the shed
without facing any long-term financial obligations. Alternatively, some dealers
may offer the option to renew the RTO agreement, allowing you to continue
renting the shed.

Shed sales lot with rent to own payments

Benefits of Rent-to-Own Sheds

Accessibility: RTO sheds make it possible for individuals with budget
constraints or limited access to financing options to acquire a shed without a
large upfront payment.
No Credit Checks: Unlike traditional loans or financing options, RTO shed
agreements typically do not involve extensive credit checks, making it more
inclusive for those with less than perfect credit scores.
Immediate Use: Renting a shed allows you to start using it immediately for
storage, organization, or any other purpose, even before becoming the shed’s
Flexibility: The RTO option grants you the flexibility to either purchase the shed
early or return it without long-term commitments if your circumstances change.

Considerations Before Choosing RTO Sheds

Total Cost: While RTO sheds offer convenience, it’s essential to consider the
overall cost, as the total amount paid over the rental period may be higher than
the shed’s upfront purchase price.
Read the Agreement: Thoroughly review the RTO agreement, understanding
the terms, payment schedule, and purchase option details to avoid any surprises.
Maintenance and Insurance: Clarify who will be responsible for the shed’s
maintenance and whether insurance is required during the rental period.

Red lofted barn with black metal roof, monthly payments available with rent to own


Rent-to-Own sheds are an attractive option for those who need a shed but prefer a
more flexible and accessible payment arrangement. By understanding the process and
considering the benefits and considerations, potential buyers can make an informed
decision on whether RTO sheds are the right choice for their needs. Whether you’re in
need of extra storage space, a workshop, or a sanctuary for your hobbies, RTO sheds
provide a pathway to making your shed ownership dreams a reality.


Use shedsforsale.com to search for sheds in your local area. Most shed dealers will list a monthly RTO payment price right on the building’s listing. If you don’t see a monthly payment clearly posted, click the “Shed Dealer Contact Info” button on the listing page to inquire.



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