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The 5 Most Common Roof Styles for Backyard Sheds

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The 5 Most Common Roof Styles for Backyard Sheds

Author: ShedsForSale.com Team
Posted: 06/06/2022

Depending on the style and intended use of your shed, different roof designs will provide a variety of aesthetic and functional purposes. Here are a few common roof styles for backyard sheds and what each style can do for you.



Perhaps the most common and recognizable roof is a gable style, with two sloping roof panels that meet in the middle. The relatively steep pitch keeps rain and snow from piling on top, and the style is easy to construct. The overhang along the outside allows for good ventilation, but if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you’ll need to secure the roof with extra ties.


This style is constructed similarly to a pyramid, with rafters that attach to all four sides of the shed. Hip roofs are extremely durable and will hold up to high winds! However, the overhang on all four sides requires an adequate gutter system to keep rainwater from dispersing everywhere.

Low Pitch Slant

When you browse garden sheds for sale, you may see many options with this roof style: a gentle pitch that slants in one direction. This style is perfect for a subtle, out-of-the-way shed that doesn’t block magnificent nature views. While you will need walls of different heights to accommodate it, a low pitch slanted roof is easy for a beginner to install.


Also called the barn style, a gambrel roof boasts double slopes on both sides for a more rounded look. The lower slopes are often nearly vertical, while the upper slopes are gentler. While they increase space on the inside of the shed and drain off water easily, they’re a little trickier to install due to the multiple slopes.


Simple, recognizable, and sleek, a flat roof makes your shed a perfect square or rectangle. This style does not sit completely parallel to the ground, though; if you look closely, there’s a gentle pitch to aid in water drainage. The roof itself is a flat surface, just tilted very slightly so rain and snow don’t accumulate too much on top.

As you plan and construct the shed of your dreams, think about the roof; it’s integral to both the function and the look of your shed. These common roof styles are popular with backyard sheds for a reason, so choose the one that fits both your wants and your needs.

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